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Beware of imitations

While most other phenol-like and polyester balls try to imitate the look and/or packaging of the Aramith product line, none offers the quality of Aramith resin. Beautiful in the box, most look quite different only a few hours later.

  • Some have variances in the resin use in the different parts of the ball resulting in different wear and uneveness of the ball surface.
  • Some are extremely vulnerable to burn spots and flats on the surface.
  • Some claim to have very tight tolerances while they are extremely weak on the most crucial characteristics for precision in the game : balance, true roll and rebound.
  • Other brands only offer the quality of an Aramith Premier entry level but as they pretend to have the quality of the Super Aramith PRO high-end set, they are sold at a price almost twice higher than the real quality you get.
  • Some asian sourced ball sets are sold claiming to be “belgian” everything but the essential : manufactured in Belgium. Make sure boxes are marked with the correct country of origin. Aramith is the only ball really manufactured in Belgium.

So beware of imitations and check for the Aramith logo and/or the Aramith name on the box to be sure you've got a genuine Aramith phenolic ball set.



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